LEARN from past play. Review and judge the results of your past play by writing down what you noted was good and what you think needs work. That way you know what to adjust. From your review, learn how to fine tune your strengths and correct your flaws so next time you play even better.


PREPARE for the future…by following your documented training plan. Make sure your master plan contains organized drills. Also set goals to meet in training and in your mental training, too. Do your . Keep up your skill-set up by nourishing that so you keep your best skills sharp and you continuously add to your tool box.


PERFORM in the moment. Constantly improve your play that very day. Goal #1: RAISE–>YOUR–>GAME. It’s key to direct your game so you finish playing at your very best. However don’t judge your play while you’re playing. Do avoid repeating correctable errors. Keep digging thru your tool box for better shots, tougher serves, and cagey coverage moves. Constantly have the mindset: figure-it-out…